Installing Psyclone

Psyclone UV will run as a web app on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Chromebook; smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Click Open to visit the website link with the device you wish to install the app on, using a compatible browser. Alternatively visit

View tutorial videos:
 - installation on PC and Mac
 - installation on Android
 - installation on iOS

Registering Psyclone

Psyclone UV will run in restricted mode until a licence is purchased; this can be done from within the app. The app will operate normally without an internet connection with the exception of app registration, user file backup/recovery, etc.

Project Files

Project files can be created to record psychrometric calculations.

App FIles

Clearing files from the browser cache will delete the app settings and project files and the app will need to be re-registered. For registered apps, it is recommended to backup app settings and project files to the Silverglance server. It is also recommended that the registration information is saved to the Silverglance server for later recovery - this is an option after completion of registration.

Psyclone UV Help Files Available Within App

Calculation data
Process calculations
Supply air calculations
App files
Project files
Printing files
Revision history