- Changes made for installation prompt on Android devices - Chrome version 92 or greater.

- Display of warning message when operating on Android or iOS, but not installed onto homescreen, revised.

- Content Security Policy added.

- Code added to increase likelyhood of browser storage being persisted.

- Revisions to user interface. Paypal link now displays more consistently.

- Reminder notice added for Android and iOS if the app has not been installed on, and launched from, the home screen.

- Revisions to ensure app can always operate offline.

- Revisions to Project Files page to prevent errors when resizing the window on desktop machines.

- Minor changes to user-interface.

- The list of pipes available for sizing can be changed for unregistered apps.

- Calculation of pressure loss for expanders and reducers revised.

- System pressure loss calculations added.

- Major internal changes for compatibility with macOS Catalina/Safari 13, iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

- Now fully compliant with Progressive Web App (PWA) specifications.

- On Windows and Mac, Blowpipe UV can be run as a standalone app from the desktop (Chrome browser only).

- Backup/recovery system for registration codes built into app.

- Pipe sizing data can now be added to project files and output to pdf.

- Initial release of Blowpipe UV universal webapp.

- Supersedes Android v3.07, iOS v.2.01 and Windows v.2.02.

- Vertigo unit conversions app included.